Woven Italian leather

Bottega Veneta is a luxury goods house best known for its fine Italian leather goods. Its headquarters is located here, in Vicenza, Italy. The company was founded in 1966 and is known worldwide for its artistry, originality, as well as its ability to visualize see modern fashions, especially handbags.

Artisans create each Bottega Veneta handbag, most of which are made with the finest Italian leather. It cherishes its traditions and history and opened a school where masters show young apprentices how to produce its fine products.


Bottega Veneta offers a collection of woven handbags utilizing the Intrecciato technique it claims it developed. Their in-house artisans create their handbags with premium Italian leather for the supplest touch.

Celebrities are mostly spotted carrying woven leather Bottega Veneta handbags. Salma Hayek carried one to a “Power of Women” luncheon in Beverly Hills, where she delivered a rousing speech attacking Hollywood’s gender pay gap. CharlizeThereon and Reese Witherspoon were spotted carrying woven Bottega Veneta bags in Nappa. And, Nicole Kidman held one while attending a banquet.

Notice something about those women? They are women that most women admire. They are intelligent, successful, well spoken, and fashionable. And, the handbags they carry only add to the smart, independent, stunning image they give off. They are truly fine looking and add to their image.

Prices for Bottega Veneta woven handbags range from $1,300 to $3,750. Wow. No wonder celebrities carry them. It would be nice to look as smart as they do, but as those prices…

Wait! You can! NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® carry woven bags made of the finest Italian leather, just like the handbags Bottega Veneta makes. We, too, use the finest artisans, who also use premium, supple, Italian leather, and who also learned their craft from masters, who also take great pride in their tradition and history. Their passion shows in their work and we demand nothing less. We are just smaller, really. That’s the only difference. Well, that and price.


The intricate design on our Black Woven Pattern Tote adds elegance to this spacious bag, which accommodates all your belongings. The deep, black color is entrancing and goes with everything you own.

Our Brown Woven Pattern Tote is made of pure Italian Leather and has a shiny appearance. This is a versatile handbag that you’ll use over and over again for both casual outings and business meetings. It’s light enough to take everywhere and study enough to carry everything.

And, guess what, they are both on sale! So, look as gorgeous and smart as a celebrityfor 99% less!

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Woven Italian Leather Handbags

That handbag you’re carrying isn’t just carrying your wallet – it may also be protecting your marriage!

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota in the United States determined that a woman’s handbag could actually keep her significant other from cheating and/or committing adultery.

ostrich-pattern-birkin-inspired-tote-naked-italian-leather-bagsThe study examined over six hundred women of various ages and relationship situations and deduced that women use extravagant personal items such as handbags to let other women know that their relationship with their husband, boyfriend, and/or significant other is a committed one. The researchers commented that it didn’t matter whether the woman purchased the handbag herself or received from her significant other or even from someone else. The effect was the same.

The researchers explained that when someone sees a woman carrying an upscale accessory such as an expensive designer handbag, it tells other people that her relationship is secure. Other people are, therefore, less likely to flirt or approach her partner. It was as though the other people automatically believed that the woman’s significant other had something to do with the indulgent purchases.Thus, a woman carrying an expensive designer handbag is actually saying “back off.

The study further found that a woman also longs for expensive items when they sense that their relationships might be in danger. So, while it may seem unreasonable for women to spend $250 billion on handbags several times year, it’s wise if it winds up protecting their relationships.

If you need to protect your relationship, but can’t afford designer prices, consider a luxurious NAKED ITALIAN BAGS®. They’re made with Italian Leather, the world’s finest, and are just as beautiful as any of those expensive ones. No one would ever know it wasn’t an overpriced, designer handbag, so they, too, say “back off.”

Or, perhaps you just want a gorgeous handbag made with the highest quality, by the best artisans, that goes anywhere, compliments every outfit, and simply makes you feel amazing.


And, don’t forget the upcoming holidays. The women in your life would also love to protect their relationships.… look absolutely beautiful and feel amazing, too.

Our beautiful Woven bags are on sale now.

Our Black Woven Pattern Tote is dramatically striking and comes with a long, adjustable, convenient strap, along with a roomy interior that easily holds all your belongings.

Our Light Brown Woven Pattern Tote is made of shiny, pure Italian leather. It is a multi-purpose bag with spacious internal pockets. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

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Woven Italian Leather Handbags For Sale

Weaving is a process of textile construction in which two distinct parts of materials are interlaced. It most likely dates back to 6000 BC, in West Asia, when people wove bands of material and tied them together to make belts. For centuries past and today, for counties like India, China, and Korea, weaving represents both artistic expression and ethnic identity.

Leather weaving actually began with braiding and efforts to manipulate leather, which was always considered a valuable and practical material. Generations of knots from early sailorswere passed down through generations, as were works of pioneers, who formed leather into long lasting, durable saddles and bootson which they could rely to protect them through harsh elements and whatever challenges the times offered.

Bottega Veneta Folding Camp Bed 2.png 710×369 .png

Woven handbags begin with Italian leather, the world’s finest. Local artisans process it manually through traditional methods, so it’s natural looking, soft, smooth, and buttery. It never dulls or cracks, requires very little care, and over time, develops luster and more beauty. It takes skill, patience, and sometimes weeks to complete pieces, but the lovely, textures are worth the effort.

Sightseers can oftentimes watch artisans in their workshops. Their methods vary from artisan to artisan. Some create handbags through the process of intrecciato, a technique that utilizes sewing machines, which Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury goods house, developed in the late 1960s. Some use old block slices and nails to weave the leather and create handbags from the base up. Some use a trestle, which is a frame made of horizontal pieces between two vertical pieces that serves as a foundation that gives the handbag its initial form. And, some do it with just a filament and needle.

Regardless of technique, the end result is a handbag of exceptional, high quality and intricate detail. A true masterpiece made with dedication, passion, and with the finest craftsmanship.


Our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® make women feel special. We search Italy to findthe best artisans and are proud of whomwe choose. We insist that they bring their passion, and creativity to their work, so that we can offer it to you. It will always be the perfect buy and investment, one in which you will never regret.

Our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® fit your every want, your every desire, and your every mood. They match every occasion and every outfit, and are appropriate for both day and night. Carrying one of our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® is much more than a fashion trend. It’s an experience of tradition, artistry and love.


Our Black and Light Brown Woven Pattern Totes are own sale now.

Our Black Woven Pattern Tote is dramatically striking and comes with a long, adjustable, convenient strap, along with a roomy interior that easily holds all your belongings.

Our Light Brown Woven Pattern Tote is made of shiny, pure Italian leather. It is a multi-purpose bag with spacious internal pockets. It is lightweightand, thus, so easy to carry.

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Woven Italian Leather Handbags

Intrecciato is the technique of weaving leather. It was developed by Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury goods house in the 1960s (the company was eventually purchased by Gucci Groupin 2001 and is now a part of the French multinational group Kering). Bottega Veneta was a ready-to-wear fashion company that had not yet worked with leather did and its sewing machines were only equipped to work with cloth. Designers had to work with super fine leather to get it under the needle and wove it into the Intrecciato pattern to make it make it stronger and more durable. Cosci, a not so well known company, claims it created the woven leather bag before Bottega Veneta.

NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® offers two Woven Italian Leather Handbags:


The Black Woven Pattern Tote and the Light Brown Woven Pattern Tote. Both are made by local, Italian leather artisans, in small, Italian workshops, in the most beautiful country in the world, and handpicked with the strictest of standards. Both are also constructed with real Italian leather, which is in superior in quality and lasts a lifetime, with age only enhancing its beauty.

The spacious bags are lightweight and easy to carry and go along with you wherever you go. The leather of Light Brown Woven Pattern Tote gives the bag a shiny look. The Black Woven Pattern Tote comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for additional convenience.


And, right now, all Woven Pattern Totes are 30% off.

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