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Going Crazy Over Handbags

Why do some women go crazy over expensive handbags? Certain women literally go nuts over Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Why is that? It’s the name.

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One might think that these women derive pleasure from the quality those names offer. But, no, that’s not the case. Research indicates that the women are captivated only by the price tag. It’s terrible to say, but, yes, some women actually enjoy designer products simply because they cost more. In other words, had the product cost less, they wouldn’t like them.

Economists call the phenomena “signaling.” And, it’s simple. A person uses a product or concept that makes others believe a particular notion about them or a product. For example, a graduate from an expensive, prestigious college might habitually tell people the name of the school in order to make them think they’re smart. Or, an executive of a company might drive past a group of employees in his band new BMW and honk the horn and wave to make them believe he’s rich and successful. These individuals are “signaling.”

It’s no different for handbags. Some women think that those designer bags signal something about them. It may be wealth. Perhaps style. Who knows? The expensive handbag companies don’t offer explanation. Why should they?They already know why. That’s why they charge between £7,500 to £100,000 (US$11,550 to US$150,000) and never have sales.

But, what about the rest of us? The sensible ones? The ones that demand quality, a reasonable price, and beauty? The ones who say, even if we could afford such a bag, we simply wouldn’t buy a handbag just because it cost a lot of money. Where do we go when we want to spend wisely. On quality. And, on good taste.


NAKED ITALIAN BAGS®, of course. Where every single bag is made of Italian Leather, the finest in the world. Where each handbag is crafted by local leather artisans and where only those that pass the highest of standards are selected.

NAKED ITALIAN BAGS®“signal” quality, good taste, practicality, style, and cleverness. And, you can have all that for 97% less money than the cheapest one the other designer offer! 97% less! We’ll say that again. 97% less!

NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® are sizeable, yet sensible, and neatly carry all your belongings. They are also so easy to carry and come with adjustable straps. And, there are so many striking colors from which to choose – blue, black, grey, caramel, burgundy, and brow. And, there are several luxurious textures – Python, Ostrich, Smooth, and Quilted.

And, all our bags are on sale!

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Woven Italian Leather Handbags For Sale

Weaving is a process of textile construction in which two distinct parts of materials are interlaced. It most likely dates back to 6000 BC, in West Asia, when people wove bands of material and tied them together to make belts. For centuries past and today, for counties like India, China, and Korea, weaving represents both artistic expression and ethnic identity.

Leather weaving actually began with braiding and efforts to manipulate leather, which was always considered a valuable and practical material. Generations of knots from early sailorswere passed down through generations, as were works of pioneers, who formed leather into long lasting, durable saddles and bootson which they could rely to protect them through harsh elements and whatever challenges the times offered.

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Woven handbags begin with Italian leather, the world’s finest. Local artisans process it manually through traditional methods, so it’s natural looking, soft, smooth, and buttery. It never dulls or cracks, requires very little care, and over time, develops luster and more beauty. It takes skill, patience, and sometimes weeks to complete pieces, but the lovely, textures are worth the effort.

Sightseers can oftentimes watch artisans in their workshops. Their methods vary from artisan to artisan. Some create handbags through the process of intrecciato, a technique that utilizes sewing machines, which Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury goods house, developed in the late 1960s. Some use old block slices and nails to weave the leather and create handbags from the base up. Some use a trestle, which is a frame made of horizontal pieces between two vertical pieces that serves as a foundation that gives the handbag its initial form. And, some do it with just a filament and needle.

Regardless of technique, the end result is a handbag of exceptional, high quality and intricate detail. A true masterpiece made with dedication, passion, and with the finest craftsmanship.


Our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® make women feel special. We search Italy to findthe best artisans and are proud of whomwe choose. We insist that they bring their passion, and creativity to their work, so that we can offer it to you. It will always be the perfect buy and investment, one in which you will never regret.

Our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® fit your every want, your every desire, and your every mood. They match every occasion and every outfit, and are appropriate for both day and night. Carrying one of our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® is much more than a fashion trend. It’s an experience of tradition, artistry and love.


Our Black and Light Brown Woven Pattern Totes are own sale now.

Our Black Woven Pattern Tote is dramatically striking and comes with a long, adjustable, convenient strap, along with a roomy interior that easily holds all your belongings.

Our Light Brown Woven Pattern Tote is made of shiny, pure Italian leather. It is a multi-purpose bag with spacious internal pockets. It is lightweightand, thus, so easy to carry.

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