Woven Italian Leather Handbags

That handbag you’re carrying isn’t just carrying your wallet – it may also be protecting your marriage!

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota in the United States determined that a woman’s handbag could actually keep her significant other from cheating and/or committing adultery.

ostrich-pattern-birkin-inspired-tote-naked-italian-leather-bagsThe study examined over six hundred women of various ages and relationship situations and deduced that women use extravagant personal items such as handbags to let other women know that their relationship with their husband, boyfriend, and/or significant other is a committed one. The researchers commented that it didn’t matter whether the woman purchased the handbag herself or received from her significant other or even from someone else. The effect was the same.

The researchers explained that when someone sees a woman carrying an upscale accessory such as an expensive designer handbag, it tells other people that her relationship is secure. Other people are, therefore, less likely to flirt or approach her partner. It was as though the other people automatically believed that the woman’s significant other had something to do with the indulgent purchases.Thus, a woman carrying an expensive designer handbag is actually saying “back off.

The study further found that a woman also longs for expensive items when they sense that their relationships might be in danger. So, while it may seem unreasonable for women to spend $250 billion on handbags several times year, it’s wise if it winds up protecting their relationships.

If you need to protect your relationship, but can’t afford designer prices, consider a luxurious NAKED ITALIAN BAGS®. They’re made with Italian Leather, the world’s finest, and are just as beautiful as any of those expensive ones. No one would ever know it wasn’t an overpriced, designer handbag, so they, too, say “back off.”

Or, perhaps you just want a gorgeous handbag made with the highest quality, by the best artisans, that goes anywhere, compliments every outfit, and simply makes you feel amazing.


And, don’t forget the upcoming holidays. The women in your life would also love to protect their relationships.… look absolutely beautiful and feel amazing, too.

Our beautiful Woven bags are on sale now.

Our Black Woven Pattern Tote is dramatically striking and comes with a long, adjustable, convenient strap, along with a roomy interior that easily holds all your belongings.

Our Light Brown Woven Pattern Tote is made of shiny, pure Italian leather. It is a multi-purpose bag with spacious internal pockets. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

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Soft Leather Handbag, Italian Leather Handbag for Sale

Milan Fashion Week last spring showcased plenty of fall handbags made of fine Italian Leather. Milan is known as one of the most significant fashion capitals in the world and greatly influences the latest style trends.All the great designers favor Italian Leather. It has the highest quality, the most luxurious texture, and so easily turns their ideas designs into reality. It holds its shape beautifully and does everything they want it to do.


When a woman watches a television program or movie or when she flips through a magazine, she notices the handbag every single woman carries. She won’t notice every woman’s hairstyle, clothes, or shoes as such differs with generation, lifestyle, and where a woman might be in life, be she a stay-at-home-mom or working mom, attorney, teacher, or, really, whoever she is. That’s how much handbags appeal to women.

Every woman fantasizes about one day owning a real designer bag. It would make her feel as though she is the center of attention and at the height of her beauty. But, reality is, she could never afford one of those designer handbags. Some cost well over $1,000.00 and that’s at the lower end of the scale. Only those with no concern over how much they spend can really afford them – some even have closets specially built just to house those designer handbags.

But, wait a minute! You can afford a gorgeous, Italian Leather handbag! One that really does make you feel special. One that makes you feel as though you belong on television, in the movies, and featured on the pages of a magazine.


Our NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® fit every single woman and make her feel absolutely amazing. They are made with the same Italian Leather all the high-end designers use and look exactly like the ones the models carry down the runways in Milan. You’ll want to take our handbags with you everywhere, be it to the office, the market, out to dinner, even the gym. It goes with everything. And, right now, our handbags are on sale.

And, don’t forget the holidays. The women in your life would also love to feel absolutely amazing, too.

Our Brown Leather Quilted Handbag and Blue Soft Leather Handbags are own sale now.

Our stunning, stylish Brown Leather Quilted Handbag comes with Chanel style golden chains and spacious internal pockets and compartments.

Our elegantly colored Blue Soft Leather Handbag has convenient internal compartments and is so easy to carry.

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Birkin Style Bag For Sale

Birkin Bags are extremely popular. Handbags have come and gone and some have remained popular for a while, but the Birkin Bag has stayed at the top for over thirty years. That’s unheard of when you consider how much styles have changed over the years. The Birkin’s metalwork and stunning, buttery leather are so distinctive, it’s more than just a look, it’s a statement, and it’s about beauty, sophistication, and taste

Stylist and personal shopper Nicole Pollard Bayme, has four Birkins and claims that they help her maintain a certain image and advertise her success.


Marissa Stempien, fashion editor for JustLuxe.com, explains that rich women are willing to pay a high price for the Birkin because it is a symbol of wealth that jewels or clothes or home possessions can’t always express. It can be carried on the arm, for the entire world to see. And, BabakHafezi, CEO of Hafezi Capital, says, that the Birkin expresses financial success and that fashion is about how others view you.

You want that image, too. Who wouldn’t? Hermes, who makes Birkins, only manufactures a limited supply and only to a limited clientele. List price, in American dollars, $10,000 to over $200,000, but that really is thelow end of the scale.

You could always try to find an imitation, but how do you choose?Naturally, You select the one with the best shape, stitching, and hardware. Most importantly, you choose the one with the best leather – Italian Leather. Italian Leather is smooth, velvety, and simply luxurious to touch. You’ll then forget it’s an imitation. And, once begin to understand Italian Leather, you won’t settle for anything less.

NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® have three splendid Birkin Inspired Handbags to offer: the Caramel Birkin Inspired Tote, the Ostrich Pattern Birkin Inspired Tote, and the Ostrich Pattern and Gray Suede Birkin Inspired Tote. And, yes, they are all made with Italian Leather. We won’t settle for anything less.


Each Birkin Inspired Handbag is guaranteed high quality and made by the best artisans. Each has spacious compartments and goes with whatever day and whatever mood you’re feeling. And, all our handbags are affordable. And, right now, they are on sale!

Don’t forget the upcoming holidays. The women in your life would also love to own a Birkin Inspired Handbag.

The Ostrich Pattern And Gray Suede Birkin comes in dark blue and is part smooth and part pattern.

The Ostrich Stich Pattern Birkin Inspired Tote comes in cognac and is also patterned.

The Caramel Birkin Inspired Tote is smooth and comes in cognac.

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